Rishi Barista Matcha (100 g)

Rishi Barista Matcha (100 g)

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About this Product

Also known as "Everyday Matcha"
Step out of the ordinary with Everyday Matcha, our organic second harvest matcha with assertive strength and culinary versatility. Mix with milk for a latte that can be sweetened to taste or boost smoothies, juice and hot chocolate with natural energizing effects you don't experience every day. Or, treat yourself to our decadently delicious Matcha Oreo Filling Recipe, an uplifting and refreshing  Matcha Mojito Recipe or explore all of our matcha recipes.

The traditional cultivation of tencha requires shading the tea garden for 3-4 weeks prior to harvest. This elevates chlorophyll and enhances L-theanine and other stimulating amino acids responsible for matcha's unique bounty of energy.
Tencha is made from tea strains specifically cultivated to be:
-low in tannin
-high in caffeine
-rich in flavor and umami.

Traditional Tea Preparation

Sift 1 tsp (2g) into a chawan
Add 2.5 oz (75ml) water at 165°F (75°C)
Use a chasen to whip into a smooth, rich foam


Kagoshima, Japan