Signature Blends

Authentic Italian espresso relies on a crafted blending of the finest Arabica coffee from a variety of sources. This artisan tradition results in a flavor experience that is more complex and sophisticated than any of its individual, single-origin parts. For over three generations, the Bizzarri family has been evolving and improving on the enduring craft of Italian espresso, combining the harmonious artistry of the blend with the precise science of the roast to create signature blends that reflect the passion and personality at the heart of the Italian caffè experience.


I've tried many coffee blends here in Vancouver and the Umbria Gusto Crema blend is by far the best I've found. It's the closest to a real Italian Espresso I've found in Canada. It makes a perfect crema every time. Every cup is delicious.


I love the Rishi sparkling botanicals teas. Amazing taste and no sugar or caffeine which is hard to find in one sparkling beverage. Also, great non-alcohol beverage alternative. Perfect for any time of day. Refreshing and delicious.


My absolute favorite product is the Gusto Crema coffee. I have tried so many other coffee brands and have not found any coffee with such good flavour. Some others have been quite good but the taste seems to lose its yumminess after awhile. Umbria hasn't ever let me down in the 15+ years I've been using it.


Our most favourite product = Gusto Crema espresso - we have been buying it for over 3 years and love it!!! 5 out of 5 stars without question!! What makes it special is the exceptionally smooth and creamy flavour that we get with every cup brewed. This blend makes superb latte and cappuccino.


How lucky am I to start every morning with anticipation? I round the corner from the stairs and see the bright red 'wink' of my Umbria Bizzarri blend first thing; now from the shiny, rotund tummy of the 5 lb. bag?

Thanks Umbria for making the blend consistent and for reliably shipping it to me with both urgency and kindness, all these years.


Our favorite blend is the Bizzarri Blend. We have a single serve coffee machine and use the compostable capsules. We love the fact that the capsules are compostable!

K. Lo