Rishi Reishi Mushroom Hero Loose Leaf Tube  (80 g)

Rishi Reishi Mushroom Hero Loose Leaf Tube (80 g)

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Don your cape and prepare for this powerful blend of reishi and maitake mushrooms, rich cocoa nibs and detoxifying roots. In East Asian herbal medicine traditions, reishi mushroom and astragalus root are known as essential adaptogenic herbs that alleviate stress and promote vitality for the whole body. Cocoa and roasted roots provide an impeccable balance that makes for a rich and functional mushroom tea blend.

Tasting Notes: Rich cocoa and roasted roots bring adaptogenic reishi mushrooms to life

Organic chicory root, organic cocoa shells, organic roasted dandelion root, organic cocoa nibs, organic reishi mushrooms, organic astragalus root, organic licorice root, organic maitake mushrooms