• Registration for Caffe Umbria Barista Training Level 2

  • Caffe Umbria Barista Level 2 is a certification class consisting of 5 hours (10 am to 3 pm with lunch provided).

    Mandatory Pre-requisite: Barista Level 1 certificate

    Curriculum includes:

    1. Morning Session

    A. Level 1 Review

      • Coffee origins
      • Timing a shot and setting the grind
      • Italian espresso - taste, approach, differences to other styles
      • Basic drink making

    B. Making the Perfect Shot (Italian Espresso Style)

      • Review of the qualities of a well-timed and balanced shot
      • Introduce and demonstrate the finer points of adjusting the grind on different grinders to improve the timing of the espresso shot
      • Hands on skills training on adjusting the grind
        • Proper timing of an espresso shot
        • Practical and focused training on how to adjust the grind for both under and over extracted shots

    2. Afternoon Session

    A. Introduction to Extracting and Cupping Coffee

      • With extractions we will compare reason, process and flavor from a minimum of 3 of these different methods: Drip (Regular Brewed Coffee), French Press, Pour Over, Cold Brew, Nitro Brew, Espresso

    B. Advanced Milk Stretching Techniques - Preparation for Basic Latte Art (This is an introduction into the latte art specialty class)

      • Proper stretching technique
      • Creating the proper texture for better art
      • Basic latte art - heart, rosetta, etc.
    C. Introduction to Espresso Machine Selection and Maintenance (This is an opportunity to see if the student is interested in further machine maintenance training with our Maintenance Class)
      • Range of brands and models of espresso machine along with their features
      • Tips on maintaining an espresso machine for optimum performance and reduction of maintenance costs
      • Soaking parts and back flushing
      • Taste difference in a clean machine vs. a dirty machine
      • Various brands and models of grinders (automated to manual)
      • Basic maintenance tips for grinders

    If time permits there will be a brief section on up-coming specialty classes that will be offered which are designed to improve customer service, as well as other coffee business skills which will help to improve the businesses of our clients.

    Please view the pre-class materials prior to attending to avoid falling behind in class.

    *Registration fees are non-refundable but can be used as a credit for future classes if an advance notice of 48 hours is received via email.  No shows or notices of less than 48 hours are subject to charge, with exceptions granted by management for unforeseen circumstances.


  • $249.00

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