Cupping Room Collection - Papua New Guinea Timuza

Cupping Room Collection - Papua New Guinea Timuza

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Although Southeast Asian coffees are known for earthy and deeper flavors, this PNG Timuza breaks the mold - complex yet balanced, with flavors from light and fruity to dark and sweet. This special coffee is hand picked, hand pulped, washed, and dried in the sun. It is the machine hulled and polished at the receiving station.

REGION: Kainantu
PROVINCE: Eastern Highlands
PRODUCER: Timuza / Namura Cooperative
VARIETY: Arusha, Typica & Mundo Novo

CHARACTERISTICS: Floral, Raspberry, Caramel, Kumquat, Lemon Zest

RECOMMENDED BREW METHODS: Hario v60 | Chemex | Aeropress

This is a limited edition rotating coffee.